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Foot Massager Floor Station

Foot Massager Floor Station

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Product features:
1. Unique roller design, comprehensive massage to stimulate each reflex area of the soles of the feet to achieve full health care.
2. Step on and massage the reflex area of the soles of the feet frequently to achieve the effect of health care.
3. It is small in storage and more convenient to carry.
Instructions for use:
1. In order to enhance the efficacy of this product, please sit on a chair to use
2. When this product is first used, it will cause more pain from person to person. It is recommended to increase the use time gradually according to personal feelings.
3. Due to the different types of individual feet, it is recommended that both feet keep sliding up and down to step on. Adjusting the massage position can more effectively touch the various massage points on the soles of the feet.
4. If you feel a strong stimulus, please wear socks or cover it with a towel.
5. The marked reflection area is for general reference only.
Product name: Oval foot massager
Massage to relieve stress, promote blood circulation, effectively relieve the soreness and fatigue of waist, back, and legs. After massage, you will feel comfortable, and then achieve the function of health care and stress relief. It is especially suitable for people who live under high pressure for a long time to reduce fatigue. .
Massage can improve the overall function of the body, easily enjoy technology to strengthen the body, make health unsolvable, and simultaneously solve 7 major problems:
1. Improve sleep quality:
Massage can relax the human body, eliminate fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleep, and greatly improve sleep quality.
2. Relieve sub-health:
Massage can relieve mental stress and relax the nervous and anxious mood
3. Relieve the body and mind
Massage can increase the blood flow of the muscles, help to excrete toxins and metabolites from the body, and make the body rejuvenate and feel more relaxed.
4. Regulate gastrointestinal function:
Massage can improve gastrointestinal function, promote metabolism, improve indigestion, and relieve constipation and other adverse conditions.
5. Improve physical function
Massage can improve lymphatic drainage, relax muscles and maintain the body's balance between yin and yang.
6. Strengthen the body's immunity
Fixed position massage and targeted promotion of joints and muscles, and promote blood circulation.
7. Promote blood circulation
Massage can promote blood circulation to provide sufficient nutrients for the body and restore the vitality of the body.

Additional Information

  • HandL /R (Reversible design)
  • WearNight / Rest
  • ColorWhite
  • ShapeContoured Foam Pad

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